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Jackie Collins, who has penned many fictional stories getting crime, deceit, adultery, etc; is back with Married Lovers – a manuscript on the same lines. From the chic locales of Hollywood, Married Lovers talks in the inside lives of 3 celebrity couples, entangled in their own problems, until an incident changes their lives forever…

24-year old Cameron Paradise is usually a victim of domestic violence. Her husband, Gregged Kingston, the only real man Cameron fell excited about, has became an eternally drunk, obsessive lover, never wanting Cameron to mingle web-sites of their Hawaiian home-town. Having enough of his insanity, Cameron flees to Los Angles, to become the most elusive and finest fitness trainers in town. Young and delightful with never-say-die attitude, Cameron steadily can make it up, though silently harbouring a dream to have a fitness studio in LA.

Don Verona, the right Casanova, suave, rich and handsome late-night talk show host, hires Cameron as his private fitness instructor and falls for my child for the first right itself, which has a good two unsuccessful marriages in past times. But Cameron doesn’t mix business with pleasure which is a difficult anyone to get.

Don’s best friend, Ryan Richards’ marriage to Mandy Heckerling is for the rocks. Ryan is equally handsome which is more into making sensible movies than starting up with girls. Mandy is rarely able to produce children and that keeps the couple bickering constantly. In reality, Mandy can be a bitchy elite socialite, with least botheration for home and family.

Their common friend Phil Standard is surely an Oscar-Winning scriptwriter, on the list of rarest kind in tinsel town. He’s eyes for all those other woman in LA except for his former-actress wife Lucy Lyons. Lucy knows her husband too well, though two pubescent children, she gives up about the notion of divorcing him. Her main motive though, is often a comeback in movies, which may not be possible without her dearest husband – Phil.

As the book progresses, the Standards are throwing a party for this lot of friends, with Don and Cameron, to celebrate Lucy’s comeback on celluloid. The party ends up to cd a nightmare, when Cameron’s past haunts her present and something from the guest is shot dead with the party.

On the main, Married Lovers is an interesting read, wherein the writer has included pararazzi chases, the infamous Hollywood flings, relationships inside closet, plus a true insight into the lives with the rich along with the famous. Compelling till the conclusion. Married Lovers is a surprise package inside a simple form. This is a good book to learn to read in your Amazon Kindle. You can get it from amazon and browse it in Kindle or attempt to obtain a copy from the internet and convert it so that it can be read in Amazon Kindle.