Next Generation IPAD on the camera function?

Update: Be thought of as the only copy / paste from the iPhone error documents, although he still believes that the IPAD 2 is prepared and may likely such as a camera.

Original post below

does not seem that in the past that Apple[AAPL] IPAD started and already the next generation model is regarded forward. It really is expected that Apple will launch a brand new IPAD next season, and then because the iPhone with regard to annual product release.

What can we expect from IPAD 2 would be the response to four in the iPhone, it’ll feature the front facing camera , retinal display(of course an increased resolution compared to today because of the larger screen) from sensors including built-in gyroscope can design wise, we believe Apple will keep precisely the same pattern for a number of generations.

With respect towards the camera rumor AppleInsider found the profile information IPAD management policy, which indicate the digital camera could be powered down which indicates whether there is a chance for exclusion when the possibility of integrating it into generations to come is also possible.Apple gear profile configuration for IOS devices include various settings and constraints that companies can impose to regulate how devices are used and configure services including VPN and wireless network or e-mail, calendar and directory services.

We agree, naturally, that this current IPAD doesn’t need a camera that may be powered down(nearly obvious), but because that option doesn’t mean that Apple is aiming to add a camera to IPAD second generation.

This can be an interesting find gems of info, so while we have so maybe 8 or even more months before Apple may enter a second-generation device.